Terri 34c 8wd skördare

Terri 34c 8wd Harvester


The terri 34c 8wd Harvester opens up the forest to anyone working in-stand. When the conditions are at their toughest, that’s when the harvester is at its best.

No terrain is too tough for the Terri 34c 8wd Harvester. The front bogie provides a pleasant work space for the operator, and contributes to superior bearing capacity and traction. The machine is fitted with a Mowi P40 or Mowi P40T crane, both of which have self-levelling forks and a low crane pillar, enabling excellent reach.

The Terri 34c 8wd Harvester can be equipped to various levels depending on your requirements. Options include crosscutting, data caliper and GIS/GPS. The well-known Log Max attachment is light, flexible and well-designed for small machines, bringing a performance level in a league of its own.


The Terri 34c 8wd Harvester has an incredible ground clearance of 0.7 metres, which means excellent navigability in the forest.

The vehicle feels incredibly stable thanks to the powerful articulated frame lock. Whatever your size, the cabin will feel light, airy and spacious. You can also select different packages to enhance both comfort and productivity.

The engine, a 55 kW Cat C3.4B, naturally meets the necessary advanced environmental standards. The 75-litre fuel tank keeps the vehicle working for many hours. The machine also has a Danfoss steering and hydraulic system, guaranteeing the highest level of performance and operational reliability.

In all types of terrain, the Terri construction minimises environmental impact, whether you choose the wheel or track version.

Terri 34c 8wd Harvester – Technical data

Engine:CAT C3.4B
Power:55,4 kW at 2200 rpm
Engine torque:318 Nm at 1400 rpm
Power transmission:Hydrostatic, 2-speed
Top speed:15-18 km/h
Hydraulic system:Sauer Dannfoss
Steering system:+1 Sauer Dannfoss
Hydraulic tank:120 l
Hydraulic pump:100 l/1000 rpm
Cooling system:Liquid cooled
Electrical system:12V, generator 85A
Front widht:2,05 m
Rear widht:2,05 m
Lenght, total:6 m
Height:3,1 m
Ground clearance:0,7 m
Weight:6300 kg
Crane:Mowi P40 (6,2m)
Mowi P40T (7,5m)
Unit:Log-Max 928
Weight:407 kg
Felling diameter:42 cm
Feed motors::2x
Delimbing knives:4x
Max. working pressure:210 bar
Saw bar lenght:48 cm
Feed force:14,9 kN
Max. feed speed:3,1 m/s
Control system:Log Mate 510