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Terri 34c.1 F 8wd Forwarder


Terri 34c.1 F 8wd is pretty much unstoppable. It can overcome any substrate and moves smoothly over surfaces that few other machines can handle. This is all thanks to the low ground pressure, which makes it perfect for work even on the most sensitive ground.

Like all Terri machines the forwarder is smooth and easy to operate, which we know makes your work considerably easier. Whatever the substrate, you can be sure of a good end result. It’s no problem to fit tracks to the wheels if you need extra load capacity or traction. What’s more, the variable wheelbase and sliding bunk allow for incredible flexibility.

No two forwarders are the same. Your needs govern how the finished machine will look. Select the crane based on your average working day – there are plenty of lengths and types to choose from.

As an operator, it’s essential to have a clear overview in order to see what’s going on outside the cab. We’ve kept this in mind and designed a cab that guarantees good visibility in all directions.

As an operator, you can count on cab comfort that’s up to the job. The controls, joystick panels, and other equipment are all adapted to provide a work environment that can compete with that of bigger forest machinery. You also get a front bogie that minimises bumps and shocks in the cabin, helping to ensure excellent operator comfort.


Ground clearance of 0.7 metres ensures great mobility in the forest. What’s more, the machine is equipped with world-class storage and an enhanced accessory package.

Thanks to the powerful frame lock, the machine has superior stability on all substrates. The cab is suitable for anyone of any size and is well-proportioned, light, and spacious, with several refined details. The new .1 version also boasts an enhanced accessory package to provide even more comfort. You can even take out a Terri CARE.1 package – a service agreement developed exclusively for the Terri 34c.1 series.

The powerful 55 kW Cat C3.4B engine adheres to strict environmental criteria, while the capacious 75-litre tank means you can work for hours before needing to think of refuelling.

What’s more, the engine is equipped with a Danfoss steering and hydraulic system, which guarantees the absolute best levels of performance and operational reliability.

It doesn’t matter whether you choose a Terri on wheels or tracks, as our smart design minimises the environmental impact, whatever the terrain.

TERRI 34c.1 F 8wd – Technical data

Engine:CAT C3.4B
Euro Class 4
Effect:55,4 kW at 2200 rpm
Engine torque:318 Nm at 1400 rpm
Power transmission:Hydrostatic, 3 speed
Top speed:Aprox. 15-18 km/h
Hydraulic system:Sauer Danfoss
Steering system:+1 Sauer Danfoss
Hydraulic tank:120 l
Hydraulic pump:100l/1000rpm
Cooling system:Liquid cooled
Electrical system:12V, generator 120 A
Largest width, front: 2,05 m
Largest width, rear end:2,05 m
Length:6-6,7 m
Height: 3,15 m
Ground clearance:0,7 m
Wheel dim front:500/50-17
Wheel dim rear: 500/50-17
Weight:from 6100 kg
Loading area:2,45 m2
Crane:MOWI P30 (5,7m)
MOWI P30 T (6,7m)
MOWI P40 (6,2m)
MOWI P40 T (7,5m)
CRANAB FC45 (6,1m)