Terri 3020B Band Aid+

TERRI 3020B Band Aid+


The Terri 3020B Band Aid+ is a small gear carrier with great possibilites. The machine can be fitted to your requirements and has the latest hydraulic and electronic technology under the hood.

The guiding principles behind Terri’s latest machine are flexibility and simplicity. The Band Aid+ can be adapted to your equipment needs and meets all environmental requirements, with an emission-certified engine from Kubota.

Like all other Terri machines, the Band Aid+ offers a top-class cabin.
It is spacious, comfortable and provides good visibility in all directions. Moreover, the machine is easy for the operator to learn and manoeuvre. The controls and buttons are logically designed and optimally located in one area.

The machine has impulsion on both track pairs and can operate on all types of terrain. Thanks to the bogie construction the tracks always have contact with the ground, whether on stones and blocks or terrain with poor bearing capacity. The cross members on the tracks are designed in a way that makes driving on hard surfaces, such as asphalt, comfortable.

At longer distances, the size and weight of the machine allow it to
be carried on a car trailer for fast transport and establishment.


The Terri 3020B Band Aid+ is driven by an emission-certified engine from Kubota which meets strict environmental requirements.

We help you to equip your machine, based on your needs. Platform, winch and water tank are just three of the various add-ons available.

The Band Aid+ can operate on all types of terrain, and is particularly useful on grounds with poor bearing capacity. This could be after a forest fire, a torrential rain, or on challenging terrain.

The machine is incredibly flexible and easy to learn to manoeuvre – which is key in a crisis situation.


The image above is an example of how Band Aid+ can be equipped. Band Aid+ is equipped with water tank, fire hose and a pump in order to start the firefighting before the actual firetrucks arrives to the affected area.

Images below shows our basic machines plus two examples of how Band Aid+ can be equipped.


Technical data

Kubota V1505-E4B

18,5kW vid 2300 rpm

Power transmission
Hydrostatic, 2-speed

Cooling system
Liquid cooled

Electrical system
12V 40 A

Front width
1650 mm

Rear width
1650 mm

2450 mm

Length, total:
4,5 meter

Ground clearance
300 mm

Weight, basic machine
1970 kg

Track width, front
480 mm

Track width, rear
400 mm

Ground pressure, front
0,08 kg/cm2

Ground pressure, rear
0,27 kg/cm2(with 2000 kg load)

The mastermind behind these forestry machines is Småland company Alfing i Älmhult, which has 130 employees and a turnover of around SEK 220 million. Almost all production takes place in a dedicated factory, which means shorter lead times and a high level of expertise in everything to do with the machines.

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