This image is of the old model. New pictures are coming soon.

Terri 34c.1 C 8wd


Streamline and simplify your forestry work with a Terri 34c.1 C 8wd. The perfect combi-machine for those who want a simple but powerful package that offers the utmost flexibility.

Two machines in one. The Terri 34c.1 C 8wd gives you a forwarder and a harvester in one vehicle, saving you money. Like all Terri machines, the combi has unique driving qualities and a simplicity that makes it incredibly easy to operate on all types of ground. The updated version of the combi boasts an enhanced work environment that’s almost on a par with that offered by much larger forest machinery manufacturers. This, together with the front bogie, provides an unbeatable workplace. Furthermore, the machine’s eight wheels ensure incredible load capacity and traction and can be equipped with either tracks or chains.

The updated combi also boasts world-class storage and an enhanced accessory package. You can even take out a Terri CARE.1 package – a service agreement developed exclusively for the Terri 34c.1 series. The ca. 1 800 kilo counterweight offers extraordinary stability, while flexibility is further boosted by the variable wheelbase and the sliding bunk.

It takes just 15 minutes to convert the vehicle from a harvester to a forwarder and vice versa – ideal if you require both types of machine. The well-known Log Max harvester head is light, flexible, and well-designed for small machines, offering a level of operation reliability in a league of its own.



The combi is incredibly stable thanks to the powerful frame lock. Whatever your size, the cabin will feel light, airy, and spacious. Our updated .1 version boasts an enhanced accessory package that gives you the opportunity to raise the level of comfort and productivity even further.

The 55 kW Cat C3.4B engine meets all the necessary advanced environmental standards, while the 75-litre fuel tank ensures the vehicle can keep going for hours on end. What’s more, the vehicle is equipped with a Danfoss steering and hydraulic system, which guarantees the best levels of performance and operational reliability.

Whatever the terrain, Terri’s design minimises the environmental impact, whether you choose the wheel or track version.

    TERRI 34c.1 C 8wd – Technical data

    Engine:CAT C3.4B
    Euro class 4
    Effect:55,4 kW at 2200 rpm
    Engine torque:318 Nm at 1400 rpm
    Power transmission:Hydrostatic, 3-speed
    Top speed:Aprox. 15-18 km/h
    Hydraulic system:Sauer Danfoss
    Steering system:+1 Sauer Danfoss
    Hydraulic tank:120 L
    Hydraulic pump:100 L/1000 rpm
    Cooling system: Liquid cooled
    Electrical system:12V, generator 120A
    Largest width, front: 2,05 m
    Largest width, rear end:2,05 m
    Lenght: 6-6,7 m
    Height:3,15 m
    Weight:6500 kg + 1800 kg
    Ground clearance:0,7 m
    Loading area:2,45 m2
    Crane:Mowi P40 (6,2 m)
    Harvester head:Log Max 928
    Max opening between feed rolls:33 cm
    Felling diameter:42 cm
    Saw bar lenght:48 cm
    Weight:407 kg
    Feed motor:2x
    Delimbing knives:4x
    Max oil pressure:210 bar
    Feed force:14.9 kN
    Max feed speed3.1 m/s
    Harvester control system:Log Mate 510